About Bygganalyse

Bygganalyse (BA) was established in 1986 with the view of providing professional advice in terms of cost analysis for the building and construction industry.

Today, BA is a well-established business with over 30 specialists in the area generally referred to as quantity surveying (QS) with the major field of activity being building/construction cost control and project management. It is among the leading in its target market covering a significant part of the domestic Norwegian market.

BA is run and managed by their practicing staff with a minimum of overhead for administrative activities resulting in a healthy business with an annual sustainable growth.

This success has created the foundation for BA to embark upon opportunities in the international marketplace and exploring areas where a vast domestic expertise can be applied in a competitive manner including practical working experience using BIM as a base and support to the cost analysis and simulation of advanced building projects.



The success of BA is based on an uncompromising approach to the business where quality and integrity is put in front of quantity in all aspects.

BA is taking a holistic view on a project and believe that only this approach can create a sustainable solution and cost savings for any given client – small or large.

Their services are based on five interrelated activities:

  • Cost planning and analysis
  • Preparing bill of quantities
  • Advisory Services
  • Building Surveying
  • Project management.

By combining these disciplines, BA is able to offer an end-to-end management service to their clients’ projects.



Like most successful companies, the core strength is often based on a skillful application of knowledge and resources that are repeated again and again. By recognizing this at an early stage, BA combined forces with Norconsult Information Services (NOIS) to automate the process by developing an advanced cost analysis and simulation solution (Calcus) plus a dynamic pricing database complemented by a well-documented carbon footprint database.

This combination of high-level expertise combined with an integrated approach resulted in the strong leadership position they are enjoying today in the Norwegian market.

More specifically, their three areas of marketable products are:



An advanced and integrated software solution for cost planning and cost analysis achieved by a closely knit solution of four related modules that are all scalable from the simplest of building projects to the complexity of e.g. building hospitals:

  • The cost analysis
  • What-if simulation
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis (CO2)
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCC).

The establishment of the cost model is either assisted through BIM or digitally performed material take-off from printed drawings.


Norwegian Price Book

A comprehensive database of cost related information that is updated on a yearly basis to reflect best-in-class cost items.


Consulting Services

The BA team offers a flexible and comprehensive consulting advice utilizing the combination of Calcus, the Norwegian Price Book and their in-house expertise to offer their clients, small or large, a bespoke approach to the support of their often very complex building projects.



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